Urban farming in an urbanized world

The global population is moving towards the cities. Feeding those emerging mega-cities will become more and more of a masterpiece. Urban gardening and urban farming could be part of that solution.

Urban gardening is a way to make use of the open spaces in town, rooftops and empty construction sites. And for the citizens a way to be involved in meaningful activities. Volunteers, including partly or -unemployed people, the youth and elderly build a caring community, growing the fruits and vegetables and sharing in the harvest. Meanwhile they are saving on their grocery bills.

Urban farming goes one level further. Urban farms are businesses. They may start small, or with all the characteristics of urban gardens, but they have the intentions to grow into a healhty profitable enterpise. In that way they could tap into the hole of how to feed a mega-city.

Right now, commercial urban farm companies are just taking off. Here in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, Uit je eigen stad, will have their first harvest fest, or official opening, on 22 september. Other urban farms will follow their example, each in their own way. One more into high tech systems, LED lighting systems as shown by Plant lab, the other low tech community based, such as Spin farming. But what most of them need, is investments for building up scale to become a competitive business and find their place in the food system.

It is yet uncertain how urban farming with grow and become a regular type of business that you will see in cities all over the world. One thing is sure, in the future more citizens in every continent will rely on urban farms for their daily groceries.

Photo credits: Uit je eigen stad


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