About us

We are Silke de Wilde and Freija van Duijne. Both of us have been professionally involved in foresight activities for quite some time. Our hearts and minds came together when we started talking about this idea of starting Futurista: A blog where experts could reflect on trends and weak signals that may have importance for the future. A blog spot providing space for normative futures, reflections on fantacy futures and all taboos about the future to be discussed openly. Let’s see what happens…


Freija van Duijne

foto FreijaMy background is in Human factors psychology. I did my Masters at Leiden University and I did a PhD in Delft University at the faculty of Industrial design engineering. I have been involved in foresight studies since 2006, when I worked at the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The big question there whas, what kind of new technology would appear in food and non food consumer products in the near future? We published the book Precaution for food and consumer product safety. A glimpse into the future. In 2010 I moved to the Ministry of Agriculture, where we did a scenario project to facilitate a discussion about the food system. I still work at the merged Ministry of Economic Affairs. Now our unit is focussing on innovative SME’s, who are without exeption, innovating for a more sustainable future food system.

I own a business, called Future Motions, which specialises in board room strategy consulting, scenario planning and organisational learning.

I am president of the Dutch Future Society.


Silke de Wilde

foto SilkeI studied Human Geography at the University in Utrecht and soon after that came to work as a consultant for Trendbureau Overijssel. Here I started working with foresight methods such as scenarioplanning and trendanalysis. I was captivated by these ways to help people think about the future and uncertainty and i got hungry for more. Since 2012 I’m working as a freelancer specialised in foresight-activities and long-term strategy for organisation. You can visit my website if you want to learn more about me: www.silkedewilde.com


Guest authors

Harish Shah

Harish Shah

Harish Shah is Singapore’s pioneering local born Commercial Futurist and Sole-Proprietor of a Futurist Management Consulting practice, Stratserv Consultancy, which has fast become synonymous with Strategic Foresight in Southeast Asia. Harish developed a passion for studying, understanding, appreciating and embracing the future while he was an undergraduate at The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Triple Majors in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Management along with Marketing electives. After graduating from UWA with a distinction average in each of his three majors, Harish returned to his native Singapore, where his formal education stopped, but his passion for the study of the future continued to grow.

Besides being a Futurist, Harish is a seasoned strategic negotiator and accustomed to complex negotiations. He is a powerful speaker and presenter with a subtle sense of humour. Prior to entrepreneurship, Harish has worked as a HR consultant to some of the world’s top corporations, has sold industrial outsourcing services, managed learning & development, and he has been involved in managing rehabilitative work with a governmental organisation.