Hello fellow-futurists!

We have felt a great energy at Futurista lately. Maybe because there were some inspirational sunny days, at last. Anyhow, there has been a purge of blog posts that we like to inform you about.


Urban farming and new technology

Freija has been exploring the future of urban farming more closely, showing an artisan and a high tech type of farm, and also commercially and socially oriented farm. She also got inspired by the latest McKinsey publication about transformative technologies and wondered how society would use them in the near future. Lastly, she attended a key note by Prof. Herman Wijffels about the circular economy and wrote down his story.



June is a month full of meetings and deadlines. So plenty of discussions about the future. We attended a session on searching for unknown unknowns. This was part of the STT Horizon Scan. Silke interviewed Jacintha Scheerder project leader.

Silke also analysed the social-cultural framework for scenarios. And, she dug into one seminal book about futuring, Foresight in action and shared the main lessons on Futurista.

Lastly, Freija wrote about the all times desire to predict the future.


Dutch Future Society

For any of you living in or close to the Netherlands, this is gonna be an exciting event. We hope you could be there too!

28 June 2013 Playing The Future Game, in collaboration with Future IQ



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It is not unlikely that we remain that productive in the following months. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you know of any interesting project or people working on future of foresight projects, let us know! Please submit your ideas to freija@futurista.eu


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Silke de Wilde and Freija van Duijne