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Meanwhile at Futurista..

Spring always seems to be a busy time. While it's still cold, the sun is coming out (finally J). People fall in and out of love en projects seem to be popping up all around us.

Freija is now officially the Futurist of the Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs. And Silke is starting the School for Foresight, to offer training in foresight methods.

But of course, we also have been exploring and writing about the future on Futurista. We hope you did not experience too much inconvenience with us moving to futuristablogspot.com. Some technical issues are still being sort out, but other than that we are very happy with the new look and feel.


Dutch Future Society

Some of you might know, that besides our writing for Futurista, we also look back on very successful kick-off meeting for our new initiative ‘Dutch Future Society’. New events are coming up soon.

6 June 2013  Exploring Unknown, unknowns

28 June 2013 Playing The Future Game, in collaboration with Future IQ


Playing the future

Talking about playing, Freija has been thinking about the need for creativity and inspiration in futures thinking. She wrote blogs on , ‘Playing the future’, ‘How to bring more creativity in scenario thinking’ and The ‘I told you so’ effect.


Legendary scenario studies

Silke has been studying some legendary scenario studies that started or helped debate and discourse on complex issues: the Mont Fleur scenarios, the Limits to Growth scenarios and a possible new ground-breaking theme: scenarios on human contact with Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. (Our first and awesome image of an alien at Futurista!)


Reviewing and interviews

There of course has also been some reviewing: we have a post on Adam Kahane’s book Transformative scenario planning and on the adorable movie Frank and the Robot. And besides reviewing, we have also been interviewing. We spoke with Jeanne van Loon & Johan Melse, who work on the future of public health in the Netherlands. And we are planning some more interviews to give you insight on who is working on foresight projects in the Netherlands.


Other news

We welcome our new blogger Raymond Zervaas, who has deep interest in the human brain and future developments in neuroscience. His first blog: about the Bue Brain Project.


What do you think?

Do you know of any interesting project or people working on future of foresight projects? Let us know! Please submit your ideas to freija@futurista.eu


Hope you enjoyed reading our content!

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Silke de Wilde and Freija van Duijne