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Techno trends and their long term impacts on society

Freija has been discovering the world of techno-trends and provided us with insights on DNA sequencing, intelligent transport systems, mobile wallets, augmented reality, remote medicine, robots on the workplace, nano food products, and toilets of the future. Also she reflected on how society itself is changing, as of the gig economy, online learning communities, meat eating, and urban agriculture.


Futurist's thinking

We have been reflecting on futurist's thinking, which we consider important in doing foresight studies. Freija shared her thoughts on the Black Swan by Taleb, Future babble by  Dan Gardner.  When it comes to working as a futurist, many challenges and pitfalls are encountered. Therefore, we want to reflect with you on the profession of foresight and futurism. We have been writing about foxes and hedgehogs, measuring impact of foresight studies and inspiration from Shell.


Science fiction authors and their impact on reality

Silke has been exploring the world of visionary science fiction writers to research how visions and images of the future impact ‘the real world’. Mary ShelleyJules Vernes, Philip K. Dick, George Lucas, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, are a few of the authors that she has researched. The last in line (for now) is Freija’s favourite: Arthur C. Clarke. In the next weeks Silke will be writing about how we can use sc-ifi for foresight specifically.

Other news

We have been moving! In the months March-April we will leave our comfortable space on the web at futurista.eu to a (hopefully) slightly more visible spot at www.futuristablog.com. Of course all links will be automatically redirected. But we might have to ask you to re-confirm your registration to our newsletter. More news later.


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