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Four advantages of using visualization in foresight

The medium that we are most familiar with is words. We write proposals, produce reports and even our presentations are full of bullets and written texts. We also like numbers. They are the hard evidence about measurable trends, indicators of a present state or change over a time interval. Despite … Continue reading

4 reasons to take Science Fiction seriously

Science fiction shows and movies seem to be gaining popularity. For many people, however, science fiction remains something for ‘nerds’ and not something to take seriously. And certainly not something to concern yourself with during work time. We disagree. We believe that futurists, foresight experts, strategists, researchers and others who … Continue reading

What it takes to build a foresight mindset

For all of us strategic foresight practitioners and trend researchers: How often do you get asked if you can predict the future? Whether you have a glass ball to see the future? Or when looking back on scenario projects, how often do people want to know what became true and … Continue reading

Strategic foresight on the impact of technology on the agriculture and food sector

Everybody always wants to know the future: Which technology will create breakthroughs in the next years? Which innovative products will we see on the market in ten years? Foresight does not enable better predictions, but foresight can help you to see the things that matter in how the future could … Continue reading

Six developments paving the way for our food system in 2050

We all know that there are huge challenges in feeding nine billion people, and eradicating hunger and  malnutrition, in a world plagued by climate change and water shortages. Fortunately, people aren’t just sitting and waiting for things to happen. Instead, the global food system is undergoing deep, transformational changes on … Continue reading

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